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There are things about me that people know, and things that people don't. I'm human. I breathe, I love, I live, and I have secrets. Welcome to a little corner of the world, My Life. Where it's the beauty within that really matters.

Working 40 hours a week doesn’t leave much time for anything other than sleep

in other news I’ve said “I saw that on tumblr” more in the past few months than I think I ever have before. I haven’t missed much apparently

It’s been rough seeing the photos of everyone and their mother. Even though I have a wonderful stepmother and (future) mother-in-law, both of whom I love very much it doesn’t stop me from missing my real mother. And I know we weren’t close when she died and our history was rough, but knowing that we could have been if I would have gotten over myself and tried will haunt me for the rest of my life.

Everyone is either getting married or is starting their life with the person they want to spend it with and I still only get to see my fiancé once a week, even less in the summer. I know that’s more than some people, but I’m still bitter. I’m thankful for the time I get with him and I know I’m lucky to have someone so wonderful but I just want to be with the person I know I want to spend my life with and I can’t. Just ugh.

When Supernatural fans get children

Mom:Good night, sweetie.
Child:Mommy, I'm scared.
Mom:Of what?
Child:Of ghosts...
Mom:Wait right here.
Mom:*goes to the kitchen*
Mom:*comes back with a bag of salt*
Mom:*makes a line of salt all around the child's bed*
Mom:*throws some salt under the bed too because those bitches might be under it you'd never know*
Mom:Done. Now you're good to go.
Child:Thanks mom. But what about demons?
Mom:Sweetheart, there's a demon's trap all around your entire bedroom under the carpet since we bought the house.
Child:Thanks. I love you, mom.
Mom:Love you too, good night. The angels are watching over you.
Child:The nice angels.
Mom:The nice angels.


Shot over 12 years using the same actors. Damn. 

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thats why peacocks are my favorite animals 

I remember going to the zoo with my family once and every time my dad passed a peacock it would do this and we couldn’t figure out if it was trying to threaten or seduce my father

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Actual 4th Grade science test in South Carolina

if you decide you want to secede again you go for it okay?

is this real like for real. how can you teach this to kids??????????????

I live in SC and I don’t understand this either. All I know is that this is from a Christian school, not a regular public school. This isn’t being taught to kids in every classroom. We’re not all like this, I promise.

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